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    Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10 X 42 Illuminated Rifle scope


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    Product Description

    The Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10X42 Illuminated Rifle scope in CD-I Reticle.

    The Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10X42SR Illuminated Rifle-scope combines everything you need for different hunting situations, this is the all-in-one hunting rifle scope. The new Z6 line of rifle scopes from Swarovski Optik gives birth of the universal rifle scope, finally ending the search for different scopes for different uses.

    This new Z6 Illuminated Rifle scope, has an improved magnification range and 50% better field of view than most other rifle scopes, you will be able to get in closer on far away shots and a wider FOV. With these new improvements, the hunter will have no problem spotting a potential target with improved feasibility and greater success. With the latest Z6 Swarovski Rifle scope you can simultaneously achieve a greater magnification for the identification of detail and an accurate shot, regardless of whether close or far away. In this case, an innovative lens system assures steady, smooth images with excellent quality.

    The cutting edge construction of the reticle in the Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10X42L/SR Rifle scopes result in a low design thus providing an uninterrupted view over the rifle scope when in the firing position. With the Z6 models, the tried and tested High Grid technology is built stylishly into the eyepiece well protected by a sturdy forged aluminium alloy housing and completely watertight. In addition, it employs sophisticated, high light-transmission optical system for large field of view with optimum edge-to-edge sharpness and steady reticle position. The new ergonomically designed operating elements plus two separate memory locations for day and night settings guarantee further functionality. The new Z6 line of Swarovski Rifle Scopes have a large choice of innovative reticles in the second image plane: this means that only the target is enlarged when changing the magnification and not the reticle itself which makes aiming considerably easier.

    In addition the Swarovski Z6i 1.7 - 10X 42 Illuminated Rifle scopes has the reticle in a different image plane you can magnify the target in the rifle scope but the reticle does not change size. To top it off, an elegant and ergonomic design rounds off the external appearance of the new Z6i generation.

    Features of Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10 X 42 Illuminated Rifle scopes:

    Large zoom range (6x) and field of view range

    Reticle in the second image plane, the size of the reticle remains the same

    Rugged light alloy main tube

    Waterproof to a depth of up to 4 meters/13 ft (0.4 bar)

    Supplied with transparent protective caps



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